Speedos and baby oil

England doesn’t get many days where the temperature gets about 30˚c. This was one of them! My mates skating in these shots, sweated their arses off. Nobody has AC here at home. It would only get used a couple of times a year, you’d need to dust it off before using it. Probably spend more […]

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A dark passed, a time of iron

Wehrmacht (German Army) Second World War helmet Found near Starlingrad (1942-43) modern day Volgograd. Once surrounded, the German solders surrenders February 1943. I find items like this fascinating. Why, I couldn’t tell you. The rust hasn’t removed the menacing aspect of the helmets silhouette.

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MRI scan of the spine

My own spine is pictured here. These MRI scans are of my lower spine were taken in 2010 ahead of my Discectomy operation. This operation is to remove part of a herniated disc. The operation worked and I was back walking correct again after a couple of weeks of rest and strength building of the […]

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