Hello everyone. This is a bit of a recap of some of the things I’ve been photographing, over the past few months. I’ve included some different images from our holiday to California, local football and skateboarding. Dave Watts

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A dark passed, a time of iron

Wehrmacht (German Army) Second World War helmet Found near Starlingrad (1942-43) modern day Volgograd. Once surrounded, the German solders surrenders February 1943. I find items like this fascinating. Why, I couldn’t tell you. The rust hasn’t removed the menacing aspect of the helmets silhouette.

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The colours of Indonesia

I know, I’ve used some of these photo before. Well, I’m going to be hard pushed to take anymore colourful images this year. In a way I’m reliving my trip and in another I’m reliving the three weeks I spent with my family. Even the photo of the hired surfboard which my teenaged son snapped […]

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