Speedos and baby oil

England doesn’t get many days where the temperature gets about 30˚c. This was one of them! My mates skating in these shots, sweated their arses off. Nobody has AC here at home. It would only get used a couple of times a year, you’d need to dust it off before using it. Probably spend more time looking for the remote, than using the f**king thing. Anyway, this weekend, here in England. I would have loved an AC unit at home.

The title comes for a telephone conversation with one of the blokes pictured skating. He described to me how he was going to spend the day, before we went skating in the evening. ‘Wattie, I’m going to get up nice and early (Saturday morning) get my Speedo swimming trunks on, then head out in to the garden. Once laying in the sun, I’m going to bronzing myself with baby oil in the sun’. Wow….. was my only response other than to tell him what a massive gay he is.

I use to skate as a younger bloke. It’s a bitter pill to swallow, getting into your 30’s and the body can’t take the knocks as much. I got just as much of a thrill photographing the lads as I would have skating with them. To me, as a photographer. That’s a really good feeling.


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