One year anniversary

Got an email this morning telling me that I have been ‘blogging’ with WordPress for a year now. I’m not a natural blogger, but have thoroughly enjoyed my time posting photo’s on my K7images page. One day I’ll finally get the website finished. Too honour this year with WordPress I will be adding twelve of my favourite images from the last twelve months. Some of these images will be re-post but it’s my blog and I can do it, if I want too hahaha. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for the likes and a huge thanks to all of you beautiful people for following my blog, you’re all wonderful. This year has seen the completion of my foundation photography course with the OCA (Open Collage of Arts) here in the England. (Bit of a rant here, this drives me nuts! When someone is from Scotland or Wales, they are associated by the nationality, Scottish or Welsh respectively. When someone is from England, they are know as British! No, they are English, not solely British. It’s almost like we’re not allowed to have an identity as a nationality anymore. I consider myself as an Englishman and then British. The reason I mention this is I’ve seeing a lot over my life time and it pathetic) Rant over and I’m sorry for raising this on my blog. I normally don’t like to publicise this stuff but sometime’s there’s no stopping me.

Anyway, I’m all finished with my OCA photography course with the option to move to degree level photography and study if I choose too in the future. I’m missing the course if I’m being completely honest with you. This weekend I’m heading down to London (thats the capital of England, not Britain!) too take a load of long exposure images of Tower Bridge etc. It will be nice to feel like a photographer again after what feels like months off taking images consistently and with any sort of purpose . I’ve basically been saying to myself, Shit! What do I do now? January wasn’t too bad as making yacht propeller’s has kept me busy as hell but I took a load of studio images of a couple of props the other week and that has invigorated me to begin again, starting up idea and place I want too photograph.

Hope you enjoy the images.



7 thoughts on “One year anniversary

      1. I’m pleased to hear you are well. Thank you so much for liking my photography. Your images have so much Italian style, I love it and it makes me want to come to Italy.


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