No waterfall, No problem


Like many of you, photography is a loved passion of mine. But at this moment I can’t pursue it full-time. So I’m sat there looking through the magazines at the adverts for photography trips around the world. Some of the far off place’s on my list are going to cost me many thousands of pounds. For example; the Falkland Islands is really high on my photography visit list but thats going to be a full ten day trip costing around £5,000+. Iceland isn’t to far away from me on the scale of things and it looks fantastic. Ice flows, coast line, thermal vents and everyones favourite The Waterfalls. Lets say it’s going to be £300 in flights, plus hire 4×4 hire for a couple of days could be £200+ Then three nights in hotels for me and Michelle, that could be £300 – £400. So, lets call it a grand (£1,000)  The point of this is that. I can’t spend loads of money, taking loads of time away from kids and work, just to ‘learn’ how to take long exposure images of moving water. That simply doesn’t make any sense too me. I want too know I can take the images before I even get on the plane or jump in the car. So the task has be come, finding bodies of moving water locally to me home that will serve as practise areas for the long exposure photo’s. Practice at a few different locations then, when I’m ready and have a full porfolo of natural and urban long exposure moving water shots. Only then will I look to spending the money on the trips. For now, this small weir on the River Nene in Northamptonshire will do until I find a new location. I’m looking…..



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