No waterfall, No problem

Like many of you, photography is a loved passion of mine. But at this moment I can’t pursue it full-time. So I’m sat there looking through the magazines at the adverts for photography trips around the world. Some of the far off place’s on my list are going to cost me many thousands of pounds. […]

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Battle weapons’, filters

First time out with high density, long exposure filter on my camera. Honestly the results where pretty poor. Focus on many of the images was poor, but I’ve only got myself to blame there. Still, this image stood out and shows the need for long exposure filter when working in sunlight.  I’ll keep working with […]

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The colours of Indonesia

I know, I’ve used some of these photo before. Well, I’m going to be hard pushed to take anymore colourful images this year. In a way I’m reliving my trip and in another I’m reliving the three weeks I spent with my family. Even the photo of the hired surfboard which my teenaged son snapped […]

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