Thoughtful contemplation

The first image is of a mini art display, that I have set up and I am observing. The display depicts the passing of time and our, inevitable demise in this life. The display is also a small chance to pay homage to the life of the front man from Motorhead, who sadly died on Boxing day 2015. Lemmy Kilmister. Someone who respected his own mortality and the time given to him. He used his time on the earth to it’s fullest and without regret.

After the first image. I will then print out the original image, place that on the wall then have myself looking at this original image. Creating a depth to the images, in both distance and perception. My aim here is to create a multi layered image of the same thing, but with some subtle variations to each one.

The main idea for this image is to stage/recreate depth in to a final flat image.

A quote from a friend of Lemmy’s: Dave Grohi, drummer for Navarra and lead singer/guitar for the Foo Fighters. I have kept the swearing in because it keeps the quote genuine.

“Fuck Keith Richards, fuck all those dude’s that fucking, ‘survived the Sixties!’ And are flying around on Lear Jets and, you know, living up their gunslinger reputation. As they fuck Supermodels in the most expensive hotel in Paris. Its like, you know what Lemmy’s doing, Lemmy’s probably, drinking Jake n Coke’s and writing another record.”

This for me highlights the integrity of both Dave Grohi and Lemmy throughout both of their respective music careers.

The Death part:

Obviously the death of Lemmy Kilmister is an obvious celebration of him as a person, but the two image’s of K2 are not so obvious. (photographers note: increase exposure on first image)

The crowning peak in the Karakoram mountain range, K2 remain today one of the most serous challenges in high altitude mountaineering and today, represents the grave stone for some 80+ climbers. Those men and women took on the challenge’s of climbing K2.

Either by accident or pushing it too long and too high on the mountain. Either way, they chose to have the beautiful mountain of K2 as the head stone for eternity the moment they set foot on the slopes.

Killer mountains only exist in our minds, the real danger is the ambition that humans thrust upon their slopes. They are in search of personally goals or personal gains in the wider world, because, climbing this mountain is a career defining moment for only the best mountaineers. Reaching the summit is only half the battle, you’ve still got to get down. Many of the deaths on K2 have a bracketed comment next to the name’s; died on decent.  Descending the mountain is the real challenge in front of any climber. Failure of this challenge, on K2 is a one way trip to oblivion. It’s really that simply. If something goes wrong or a fall, you may as well be on the moon because no help can come and whisk you away. Therefore, you are going to pay for any mistakes with your life.

thoughtful contemplation



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