‘Searching’ photography

‘Searching’ is the title of the exercise I am working on currently. By far and away my personal favourite form of photography to date. For this exercise I plan to visit a number of different place’s around the UK, place’s I don’t know. The first place on my list, I’m lucky that this place is only twenty-five mile from my home. Other’s won’t be as close and the challenges will increase. I plan to make plenty of ‘searching’ images then select the best for the assignment itself. This is practise in my eyes. Sharing on the k7images.com blog give me an outlet to showcase the images I’m taking. What I am looking to learn from exercise is practical, learning to explore an area with a keener eye, angle of building and how the light falls on them. Learning to create a collect from them will take practice. Any thoughts welcome. Dave Watts – K7images.com

Seaching Cambridge (dragged) 1Seaching Cambridge1

Seaching Cambridge2

Seaching Cambridge3

Seaching Cambridge

Seaching Cambridge5

Seaching Cambridge6


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