A David Hockney Inspired view of the countryside.

The world of art is new to me, as I am a man of marine propulsion science rather than the arts. I’m take a huge amount of inspiration from other photographer’s to inspire my new work, there I have discovered the work of Mr David Hockney. I sat watching a tv documentary about David’s work last night and my mind was completely blow away by his work. Here is my first attempt to emulate his work. As a style of presenting a landscape it is truly unique. One of my unwritten rule that I apply to my marine propulsion work all the time and I constantly remind myself of this rule when ever I’m designing a new type of propeller, “Never, ever, forget to look over you’re shoulder at the brilliant work, fantastic scientific minds and pioneering mathematician that has gone before you. Their work should never be over looked or take for granted.”

Discovering the work of David Hockney has opened a completely new dynamic of photography and art to me. I feel as if I’ve had my eyes opened and hope that I can emulate his work with my own view on life’s travels.

Dave Watts.

Introducing Kasprowicz the Springer Spaniel.

David Hockney - Cubism


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