South Bank Skatepark – Graffiti

One of the most iconic skateparks in England. The South Bank stakepark has only very recently been saved from redevelopment due to it’s unique location in central London. The park is a small street course located right next to the River Themes, just next to Waterloo Bridge. Tourist from all over the world walking on their way up to the London eye, a lot of folks had enough time to watch the skateboarders for a few minutes before heading off. Urban street sports come in many shapes and forms these day’s, BMX, scooters, rollerblades etc. Different parks around the country favour BMX riding more and more as it is hugely popular with the kids. This park for the hour I was there and from the skaters I spoke to, this park seams to be persevere of the skateboarder. That’s fine with me. The many reason for me heading into central London on a Sunday, Graffiti. The location has always been a hot spot in England for graffiti. Yes, you see plenty of ‘Tag’ graffiti on the train in to London, but I don’t fancy hopping fences and walking along the train tracks just for a photograph. I know, cowardly right… I’ve always been fascinated with graffiti as an art form and enjoy photographing it where ever I find it. This is my first photography trip with the sole objective of travelling to London purely to take photo’s of graffiti.








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