Industry making way.

For the last fifteen years this building has produced some of the world finest teak decking, exclusively for luxury super-yachts. Over the years housing has nearly isolated this build from the surrounding town and it has finally become viable to move this industry to a new location. These are the final images of this building as it is to be demolished next week. I was asked by the building owner to photograph the empty building. It would have been better to have shown this build and it work force in action but sometimes we don’t think of capturing an image until it far to late sometimes. It funny how when a building has received it’s last rights, it evokes as strange reaction, almost as if the building cries out ‘don’t hurt me’. I had the same thing happen to me last year. My wife and I had planned for two years to knock our old house extension down. We hated this extension and I longed to knock it down. Due to the design of it, we needed to knock it down from the inside out. Stripping out the inside, then the roof, then brick work, moving down. When it came time to demo the bathroom, the room where our baby’s had there baths, it was as if the room cried out to me. Don’t hurt me. I couldn’t see passed the images in my head of my baby’s in the bath playing. I carried on knocking down the room with tear’s in my eyes. It took me hours to pull myself together.  I had to, we were starting to slip behind schedule.








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